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DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

     Trump and Jeff Sessions are reprehensible and hateful individuals. For Trump to play TV reality show with the emotions and lives of these 800,000 individuals is deplorable. Teasing them with his decision, the timing of his announcement of his decision, like he was a TV reality star again, creating a cliffhanger. This only illustrates the stupidity, the uncaringness and ignorance of this man.  This is not how we run politics, this also shows how unfit this man is to be in the White House.
     Attorney General Jeff Sessions claim President Obama’s Executive Order for DACA unconstitutional.  That isn’t true; this is his opinion. The issue of constitutionality has never been resolved. Trump added in his statement that DACA “cannot be successfully defended in court.” But he has no way of knowing that. The DAPA decision issued by a district court (which was then stayed by the Supreme Court) criticized the Obama administration’s use of executive power to promulgate DAPA, but the main actual legal problem it found with DAPA was a procedural matter: Instead of publishing the proposed regulation and review public comments before implementing it, DAPA went straight into effect. DACA, too, was implemented without a public comment period. However, this doesn’t mean that DACA will be judged in the lower courts the same way as DAPA, and there’s also no way to tell whether or not a full Supreme Court (that cannot end up in a tie) would uphold such a judgement.
     Most of the fault lies with Congress. Congress has refused to take legislative action on the issue for years. They don’t want to publicly object to this as to look “racist” and they don’t want to support this either, to appease their core voters. Just as

Trump is doing.  This is why Sessions bent to the handful of state attorney generals who wanted to sue the government for not condemning DACA as illegal.
     Before DACA President Bush (43) even tried immigration reform, but could not pass as the Republicans filibustered the bill.  Republicans and Trump surrogates will say “Obama had Democratic control and he didn’t pass immigration reform”. (They love to blame Obama for everything) He tried but the Republicans filibustered it. (They won’t mention that)
In 2010, they filibustered the DREAM Act, then in 2013 John Bohner refused to bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the floor. He knew he could have passed it, but still refused. So how is this the Democrats of Obamas fault? This is why Obama signed an executive order to get some kind of resolution on the matter.
     Now why, after all this time have these handful of racist state attorney generals decided to sue? Because now, they have both, a racist president and attorney general that will back them. And the Republicans like to say, “we have to uphold the law” Like Joe Arpaio did when he was convicted of criminal intent, by a federal judge? Yet Trump called him a hero and pardoned him. Accepting the pardon before being sentenced is admission of guilt.

     If Trump loved the Dreamers as he has said, repeatedly, why can't he pardon them also?
     The information Obama requested from these dreamers to keep them safe and be able to stay, is now going to be used by Trump to deport them.
     The dreamers cannot have any criminal record, do not collect any government aid, and many have gone on to excel in school, college and the work force. They are not taking any jobs from Americans. That is also a lie. A lot of the jobs the dreamers have Americans are too proud to take, dishwasher, landscaping, bus boy, etc. The other jobs they have been earned by excelling in and getting an education. Jobs like teachers, nurses. They are contributing to our economy and to our educated work force. Don’t blame them when Americans are too lazy or are too uneducated to get a decent job. These Dreamers are living the American Dream and we should be proud of them.
     I only hope Congress grows some balls and resolves this issue once and for all. We need to show the world we are not a country built on hate and bigotry, but a country offering freedom to all.



​August 31, 2017


September 4, 2017

It seems as if Trump hasn’t been able to push through a lot of his agenda, but the administration has been quietly (somewhat) pushing other things past us, or have at least tried.

  • Drilling in National Forests. It seems the administration is trying to repeal restrictions on how much of our National Parks can be destroyed in the quest for oil.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared that Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not cover sexual orientation in the work place.
  • On July 26 Trump tweeted that he would ban transgender individuals from the military, without consulting the Pentagon. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on vacation so fearless leader Trump thought he could get away with it. Coincidentally, July 26 was the 70th Anniversary of President Truman desegregating the military.
  • The Department of Justice's request for 1.3 million IP addresses from web hosting site DreamHost.  DreamHost hosted the site DisruptJ20.org which is a group that helped promote and organize the anti-Trump protest at the deplorable inauguration on Jan 21, 2017.  If you even clicked, out of curiosity, on the website they want your info. A federal judge has since scaled back how much the DOJ can collect and review. DreamHost is planning an appeal.  So much for freedom of speech. 

 There are many more, so we must be aware and watch for these unauthorized and ridiculous actions and draw attention to them.

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Let us now, also keep the folks in Irma's path in our thoughts and prayers.

Harvey is going to wreak more havoc tonight. Please keep all the people affected by this horrific storm in your thoughts and prayers.


This storm has, and is still, devastating people's lives. If you're feeling helpless or feeling empathy, here is an informative article with safe and smart ways to donate. 

You know that Trump has an Evangelical Advisory Board, right? Why, I don’t know. Is there a Catholic Advisory Board, a Jewish Advisory Board, a Methodist Advisory Board? How about an Atheist Advisory Board? Wait! Here's one, a Muslim Advisory Board...? No, there’s not.

Why do Evangelicals think they are the “true” religion of this country? We’ll discuss that at a later time. My point is, after Trump’s disgusting and racist comments after the Charlottesville rally and protest, where an innocent young woman, practicing her rights as an American citizen, was murdered by a Nazi. That only one member of this holier than holy committee had the nerve to speak out against Trump’s racist tirade, and he did so by resigning.  Thank you pastor A.R. Bernard. You were the only one to act as a Christian.

Doesn’t the Bible teach to love, and to fight hate? The Nazis, the White Nationalists, the KKK, they are hate groups. That the rest of these money sucking hypocrites could not stand up to Trumps racist remarks only proves they are not true Christians. They take money from their parishioners with the false promise that the more they donate, the better chance that they, the parishioners, will have at eternal salvation and riches. And these “ministers” do this with no regard of how little their flock has and needs.  
They are the haters, they hate gays, transgender, atheists, Catholics, Jews, hey, wait a minute! They must be White Nationalists too! Well, that all makes sense now.

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