October 7, 2017

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October 25, 2017

​​​​During the new year please keep our neighbors and fellow citizens in Puerto Rico in your thoughts and prayers.  Our Government seems to have forgotten them. 

The President has no regard that many, many Puerto Ricans still have no clean water, electricity, many have houses that are inhabitable and no where to go. Please help if you can, in any way you can.

This is a forum on many issues of the day.  This is a companion information based outlet to PMInsightz videos on YouTube.  My YouTube videos will also be posted here.

     I started posting YouTube videos during the campaign.  With Trump surging ahead, and our country headed to hell in a hand basket, I had to speak out.  We cannot let this man and his administration of deplorable lead us to a dictatorship of lies and hate.  He undermines the media (our first amendment), our judicial system and wants to ethnically cleanse our nation.  He is vindictively repealing everything that Obama has passed, with no regard of how it will affect others. He has lied to everybody, even his base. He surely does not love the dreamers as he once claimed. He is not getting the best health insurance for everyone, not even his base. 
     And now, the sneaky Republicans have "cut taxes" (for the wealthy) and in the same bill repealed the mandate of Affordable Care Act, throwing about 13 million people off their insurance. Saving $300 billion to give to the 1%.  So, basically we, the non-one percent, will pay more taxes to pay for the tax cut the billionaires are getting. 
      Not being happy with fucking over the elderly, the poor, the sick and the middle class with their tax cut for the super rich, Paul Ryan is campaigning to cut back "entitlements", (I hate that word).  He's talking about cutting Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid!  He claims they are the biggest drain on the economy.  Excuse me, what about the $1.5 trillion you just gave to the 1%? The BILLIONARES, the richest of the rich...you gave them all that money, and you want us to pay it back by taking away Medicare?? Medicaid?? Social Security??  What dark corner of hell did you crawl out from??  You and your GOP cronies have no hearts.
     They will find out eventually. With Trump's base, ya gotta hit 'em on the head with a hammer at least twice.
     I have a list of all senators and congress contact info listed here. PLEASE contact your representatives and tell them of your concerns! I have also listed pre existing conditions under the proposed GOP healthcare plan here.  Good luck America. #GetInvolved.




​August 31, 2017

"President Trump is ending his first year in office as the most unpopular president in modern history."

                            -TIME magazine

 ​​I support 


Democrat for Illinois

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Senator Feinstein 

Releases Transcript of Interview with Dossier Firm

October 4, 2017

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-Martin Luther King, Jr.



It seems as if Trump hasn’t been able to push through a lot of his agenda, but the administration has been quietly (somewhat) pushing other things past us, or have at least tried.

  • Drilling in National Forests. It seems the administration is trying to repeal restrictions on how much of our National Parks can be destroyed in the quest for oil.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared that Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not cover sexual orientation in the work place.
  • On July 26 Trump tweeted that he would ban transgender individuals from the military, without consulting the Pentagon. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on vacation so fearless leader Trump thought he could get away with it. Coincidentally, July 26 was the 70th Anniversary of President Truman desegregating the military.
  • The Department of Justice's request for 1.3 million IP addresses from web hosting site DreamHost.  DreamHost hosted the site DisruptJ20.org which is a group that helped promote and organize the anti-Trump protest at the deplorable inauguration on Jan 21, 2017.  If you even clicked, out of curiosity, on the website they want your info. A federal judge has since scaled back how much the DOJ can collect and review. DreamHost is planning an appeal.  So much for freedom of speech. 

 There are many more, so we must be aware and watch for these unauthorized and ridiculous actions and draw attention to them.

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Women’s March Chicago is excited to launch “March to the Polls.” On January 20, 2018 women and allies will come together in downtown Chicago to celebrate the spirit of the resistance efforts over the past year and unite to focus on the 2018 elections and beyond.  Register groups and individuals to join March to the Polls now.

The rally will be taking place at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. Enter the rally site at Congress and Columbus. Details for the march can be found here. Access for persons with disabilities and families is at Monroe and Columbus. Full access details can be found here. Participants can expect to make their voices heard to city, state, and national administrations. The march will also serve as a kick-off for programming that empowers voters to support women’s rights and social justice.

"President Trump is ending his first year in office as the most unpopular president in modern history."

-TIME magazine

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