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​​​​Trump has been vindicated! 

Trump claims that James Comey's testimony cleared him of any wrongdoing.  That is not what Comey did.

Trump tweeted: "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication".

Fact Check: Trump's claiming vindication is groundless.  The fired FBI chief merely testified that the FBI's investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia did not extend to Trump himself while Comey was still the head of the FBI.

Comey said he told Trump multiple times that he personally was not being investigated and also said Trump implored him to make that public. 

I don't see that as vindication. Only Trump and his gang of disillusioned followers will see that.

It's funny how, according to Trump, Comey lied about everything, except that truthful stuff he said about Trump. 





We have to continue to fight this man and the uncaring GOP. They are not looking out for us, so we have to look out for each other.
We need to stand up and fight (not violently).  The protesting is effective, and reaching out to our leaders is too.
Senators and members of Congress have had their constituents contacting them in record numbers. Too many things that effect our lives are being threatened with this budget, Obamacare or ACA (you'd be surprised how many people do not realize they are the same thing),  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are also threatened.  And we still have to deal with his other policies. He's wants to destroy the enviroment

I've listed the phone number and a link to email or leave a comment of every Senator from every state on the Congress/Senate Page above, or click here, and I've posted the link to contact members of Congress also.  Call yours, demand they fight for us, explain why we are so concerned. Tell them your health concerns now that they are in the process of repealing the ACA.  Only call your own states representatives, DON'T write them. CALL them! The message has a much better chance of reaching them by calling. If phones are not working, then email them. I'm not from Wisconsin, but as Speaker of the House, I feel I had the right to reach out to Paul Ryan.  His phone was disconnected, but I gained access to his fax number, this number is listed also.  I sent his ass a few faxes.  He can't wait to take away Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.   So please call and speak out!  Any questions, email me at

I've also listed thepre existing conditionsunder the proposed GOP health plan  here.  I refuse to call it "Trumpcare", no matter how bad this plan is, he does not deserve his name on anything.  What kills me is the main reason he wants to repeal Obamacare is because it is called Obamacare!  His goal is to undo EVERYTHING Obama has done. How childish and vindictive.

Trumps Budget

Gay Pride is people pride...

During this Gay Pride Week, let's reflect on what this means for everyone. 

      - I came out in 1980 when I met my spouse, Angelo. He was the bartender at one of my first visits to a gay bar, and I, a very nervous patron. Two weeks later I moved to Chicago to live with him. We have been together ever since. We acquired our civil union on June 20, 2011 and on June 21, 2014 we were officially married. This, in itself, a great achievement. Not just for us, but for the whole gay community and for every freedom loving American citizen. 
     Angelo, a few years older than me, remembers when it was dangerous to be gay, and I was in on the very end of that kind of treatment. When the police would raid a gay party in your home, when police would raid a gay bar for any reason (I went to jail myself three time for bartending in a gay bar). A lot of people don't understand what gay folks went through, just as many, many minorities have been through and are still going through. Women, Italians, Irish, African Americans, Germans, Jews, Hispanics, Muslims to name a few.
     And now we have an administration that wants to continue discrimination against many, including women, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and gays. So, you can see not much has changed if you are not white, except for women and gays. 
     That’s why I think this pride week should be for everyone.  We as U.S. citizens have fought many battles, personally, as a minority and as a country.  We need to fight again, as a country, against things like bigotry, ISIS, Russian hacking, religious fanatics (not just abroad, but here in the U.S.), repealing health care, the lifting of EPA regulations, the invasion of our National Forests to name a few.
     Let's take pride in our country again.  Stand together, get involved, care about your fellow American, (no matter what side of the aisle they sit) and stop this disgraceful and hateful administration and the members of the GOP that have turned a blind eye to Trump's disgraceful behavior, all for their personal gain.   
- Country first, party second.  #GetInvolvedPM​  



"I might be right handed, but I lean to the left."

Trump has released his budget proposal.  Most say it is dead on arrival, but it gives us a peek at what his intentions are.  It's not good. These include huge cuts to Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP and most programs that help the poor, elderly, disabled and unemployed. 

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